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What To Collect


  • Pregnancy scans 
  • Hospital ID band 
  • Hospital Cot tag 
  • Cord clamp


  • Lock of hair
  • Hand or footprint image
  • First baby grow / hat
  • First bootees / bib


  • First spoon 
  • Teething ring
  • Gift cards from flowers
  • First rattle / soft toy

Hospital Bits

Baby's Items

We return your completed Baby Celebration Frame in 3-4 weeks.

Your Baby Celebration Frame captures the magical arrival of a new family member and the love they bring. From the first hours, through that first year, displaying all those special items from when they were so small.

Don't pack those memories in a drawer - let us put them together for you in a beautiful frame - ready to make you smile everytimes you look at it. Share with friends and family those memories, smiles & laughter that so tiny a baby brought to you all.

Baby Celebration Frames

Gather together and pack your items carefully in a suitable box and send them to us at the address below by Royal Mail Special Next Day Delivery, to ensure quick, safe, delivery and prevent damage.  Either click below to pay or include a cheque made payable to Milestone Design Giftware Ltd for £128.00 (includes £8 to cover return to you by courier).
Milestone Designs, 41 Gainsborough Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk, IP11 7HS

Carefully box up your items making sure they are all dry. Cushion and secure heavier items to prevent damage to more fragile ones.

Send your box to us (we advise 'Special Delivery') 
Milestone Designs, 41  Gainsborough Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk, IP11 7HS.
We will call to confirm arrival and return your completed Celebration Frame by courier.

Please email us to advise us of any requests you have regarding inclusions in your frame

Choose a Frame Finish & Click to Order

Please note frames are 30x30cm with  a maximum depth of 30mm, so larger items may be cut to fit. Any items not used will be returned to you.
All frames are stained pine with a waxed finish.

30x30cm Frame

Antique Pine
30x30cm Frame



30x30cm Frame


Waxed Pine
30x30cm Frame


30x30cm Frame


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